McDonald’s Chinese Spam and Oreo Burger

Spam and Oreo! What’s not to like?

Burgers? Good! Oreo? Good! Spam? …well Good! But mixed… C’mon McDonald’s China, who besides Joey would actually LIKE eating this creation?

In an attention grabbing move, McDonald’s introduced another weird burger to join the growing list of unnecessary products trying to cater to Chinese tastes.

The spam burger features a couple of slices of spam sprinkled with Oreo crumbs. The offbeat product from the international fast food chain quickly made its way to the social media platform Sina Weibo, with users posting their likes and dislikes.

McDonald’s Selling ‘Spam Burger’ Topped With Oreo Cookie Crumbs In China
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McDonald’s China has a new Spam and Oreos burger they’re dying for you to try
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McDonald’s To Serve Spam and Oreo Burger in China
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